Inspired by the wide variety of artists within ArtMovement’s community, our project space provides a platform to showcase both emerging and established artists. With pop-up exhibitions organized by outside curators, collectors and artists, in addition to our own community-driven curatorial program, ArtMovement’s Project Space is an inclusive arena for all artists and all forms of artistic practice.

The space is currently being used by an artist for a special project. Programming will resume in 2020.




reprise: American Fine Arts, An allegory for americas

February 16 - March 23rd. Opening reception: February 16th, 8pm - 12am

For the last iteration of american fine arts, an allegory for americas, we present a beginning at the end, the lifetime in between a past and current moment. Slightly altered and thus a reprise. In a way, categorically the show died in Miami, its last stop away from Los Angeles. Now the show returns home. This final iteration becomes a moment beyond time, an end, after an end, and thus ongoing. american fine arts, an allegory for americas is done forever, an impossible yet inevitable and therefore inexplicable state.

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January 5th - February 15th, 2018. Opening reception: January 5th, 6 - 8pm

Artist Curated Projects and ARTMOVEMENT LA are pleased to announce Short Days Long Nights, a group exhibition featuring works by Math Bass, Polly Borland, Lauren Davis Fisher, Aaron Fowler, Lauren Halsey and Honor Titus. 



Novemeber 11th - December 11th, 2018. Opening reception: November 11th, 7 - 10pm.

Artist Curated Projects and ARTMOVEMENT LA are pleased to announce Speeches and Still Lives, an exhibition of new paintings by Chase Wilson. This is Wilson’s second solo exhibition in Los Angeles.  Wilson, who splits his time between Southern California and the Bay Area, completed the works on view during a recent intensive stay in an Oakland studio.  Produced not far from where the artist grew up, and in an area where he maintains ties, Wilson’s new paintings further his interests in representational and figurative genres including landscape painting, scene painting, still-life, and portraiture, while moving in a particularly personal direction with inclusions of family, a close friend, and the artist himself.

 In these works in oil on canvas, observational painting jostles with and slides among gestural interventions, distortions, fictions and improvisations. The paintings include the surroundings of his basement studio: piping, a doorway, extension cords, painting tools, the colors of artificial lighting, still-lives made of objects belonging to him, portraits from photos and from life. In the circumstance of these paintings passages painted from observation take on the character of quotations…

Vanessa Exhibit Image 2.jpg

Vanessa Davis | Wiggle Room

July 13th - August 13th, 2018. Opening reception: July 13th, 7 - 10pm.

AM Gallery is pleased to present Wiggle Room, the first exhibition of Vanessa Davis in Los Angeles. As a professional comic artist, illustrator, and humorist, Davis explores personal themes surrounding her culture, identity, and relationships. 

Over the past two years her practice has expanded in size and scope to include large scale charcoal and pastel drawings. Significantly taller than the artist herself, these new works present the same characters from the same world as her comics, which, through their massive size and simple though pungent coloring, confront the viewer with a moment of intimacy. Due to their unexpected posturing, and apparent ignorance of many watchful eyes, it remains unclear whether the viewer is being intrusive or intruded upon. The voyeuristic ambiguity of these scenes highlight common, through rarely represented, moments of privacy and vulnerability within the everyday.....



Ian Patrick | Open Studio

July 13th - August 13th, 2018. Opening reception: July 13th, 7 - 10pm.

AM Gallery is pleased to present Ian Patrick: Open Studio an unconventional snapshot of the artist’s archive and working material. The exhibition illustrates the evolution of his practice over the past three decades, from drawings and paintings that evoke the swirling compositions of Japanese shunga prints to a body of work meditating on the nature of love, empathy, and suffering. 

While much of Patrick’s work has a beatific storybook quality, recurring themes of power, dominance, and “bad desire” cast a darker and more truthful shadow on his otherwise serene images of personified animals and fictive characters. For example, Egg Trap (2008), a kitsch oil painting of a raccoon, initially appears somewhat naïve, until the viewer notices that its paw is stuck in a trap. A series of more recent watercolors explore themes of intimacy and personal pathos through clusters of colorful ceramic hens amongst cacti, succulents, and Californian flora. Alternating between tender, truculent, and comic dispositions, the subtly side-eyed birds interact in jumbled configurations that evoke familial relationships....


Gilweit_Leap, 55%22x39%22 oil and gouache on canvas.jpg

ALEXA GILWEIT | Big winners

June 1st - July 1st, 2018. Opening reception: June 1st, 7 - 10pm.

AM Gallery is pleased to present Big Winners, Alexa Gilweit’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. By overlaying the imagery of mid-twentieth century advertisements with the mysticism surrounding celestial bodies, her paintings address fundamental components of the American subconscious. 

Magazine images from Better Homes and Gardens and Farm Journal dictate the composition of her works, the figures of which Gilweit renders in varying degrees of detail, often obscuring their ghost-like faces. This obfuscation of personhood provides a vacant character for the viewer to inhabit, and simultaneously reflects current tensions between individual and cultural identity. From the era which birthed extensive media campaigns, these found images present an ideal vision of the American dream. By overlaying this modern mythology with associative titles and neon cosmic bursts that reference an otherworldly spirituality, Gilweit’s paintings contrast two powerful belief systems...

Friedline Mask 1-edited.jpg

Zach friedline | multicolored gold

June 1st - July 1st, 2018. Opening reception: June 1st, 7 - 10pm.

AM Gallery is pleased to present the work of Zach Friedline, a longtime member of the ArtMovement family. Through his work, Friedline investigates the alluring quality of American consumer culture and its ability to manufacture happiness. Since marketing, or, more specifically, the strategic wrapping of merchandise in branded content, engenders a culture of identity around an object like Nike sneakers, the very packaging takes on a social value which the artist has termed “multicolored gold”—a titular nod to Donald Judd’s multicolored works, which speak to Friedline through their rich colors and  emphasis on finish fetish.

Nike shoe boxes thus serve as Friedline’s primary medium, which he uses to create color-blocked wall panels and three-dimensional cubistic masks, inspired by those of Picasso. Both forms serve as a sort of cultural currency, ascribing value and character to the individual who possesses them....


Craig Kuica

Craig Kucia | "paintings"

April 21st - May 30th, 2018. Opening reception: April 21st, 7 - 10pm

AM Gallery is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition, “paintings,” by Craig Kucia. Born in Cleveland, Kucia’s blue-collar upbringing continues to inform his practice, wherein everyday objects and ephemera fuse with art historical references, weaving together memories from his past with the interests of his present. These idiosyncratic combinations of low and high culture manifest in a variety of forms: from a ceramic flowerpot decorated with a Philip Guston painting to a Piet Mondrian repurposed as a floor tile. 

Counterbalanced by a lush palette and deceptively naïve imagery, Kucia quite literally peels back the wallpaper of everyday life, revealing past lives and unexpected moments of tragedy within the mundane. When combined, seemingly banal objects serve as biographic evidence, relaying a history of the owner through their relationship to material culture....  

Indulge Photo-2.png

INDULGE | Presented by John Wolf

March 17th - April 18th, 2018.

Featuring Aaron Garber Maikovska, Jen Guidi, George Condo, Nicolas Party, Sam Gilliam, John Millei, Jonas Wood, Bryan Ricci, Laurie Lipton, Matthew Carter, Gary Lang, Aaron Morse, Yves Scherer, Amy Bessone, Pilar Wiley, Eddie Martinez, Katie Dorame, Chris Martin, Calvin Marcus, Anne-Louise Ewan, Jason Burgess, Harold Ancart, Rashaad Newsome, Justin John Greene, Peter Alexander, Simphiwe Ndzube, Dustin Yellin, Spencer Lewis, Mattia Biagi, Steffa Klein, Owen Kydd, Hossein Edalatkhah, Kottie Paloma, Derek Fordjour, Nathan Ritterpusch, Ryan Michael Ford, Eliot Greenwald, Jacqueline Laurita Cortese, Aaron Fowler, Charley Alexander, Bryan Kirkwood, and Zachary Tomaszewski.


Joe McKee | Half qualia

Featuring drawings and sound



Nathan Kostechko | Constant State of Bliss