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Bryan Kirkwood, Founder/CEO

Erin Hennessay, CFO

Matt Weidmann, COO

Ashton Allen, CCO

Alessandra Rosser, Operations Manager

Maria Maea, Project Manager

Starlight Romero, IT & Security Specialist

our techs

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Silvi Naci

Greg Snider

Haley Hopkins

Ian Cato

Brendhan Bowers

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Ian Patrick

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our founder

Bryan Kirkwood is an artist, activist and entrepreneur driven by a passion for the visual arts. His energy and skill led him to begin his work in art logistics in 2006, supporting premier galleries, museums, curators, collectors and artists. By 2014, he had officially founded ArtMovement, utilizing the energy of art to serve and connect individuals and organizations within the artworld. As an actor and artist himself, Bryan has appeared in numerous films and TV series, and his paintings are part of prominent collections throughout the country. He is the recipient of the Prism Award for the show One Word, in support of addiction recovery. An advocate for equality, Bryan seeks to create opportunities for underrepresented and underprivileged artists and communities, as well as platforms for community engagement.