ArtMovement is not only a logistics company - it is a culture. As a collective of working artists, collectors, and curators, we provide a platform for our clients as well as our team to succeed in the art world. ArtMovement is a full-service art curation, installation, and collections services company driven by a passion for uniting the most important and ambitious collectors of contemporary art with both established and emerging artists as well as leading galleries. We frequently collaborate with top interior designers and are equally adept at working directly with collectors to curate and install any type or scale of art. ArtMovement's unique approach integrates a genuine passion and knowledge of contemporary art with extensive expertise of museum quality installation, transportation practices, and creative solutions customized for each and every job. 

ArtMovement LA Project Space

Inspired by the wide variety of artists within ArtMovement’s community, Bryan expanded the original exhibition space—that had previously been used for pop-up shows by outside curators, advisors, and artists—to include an additional 1000 square feet. Since 2018, this newly renovated space, titled AM Gallery, features both emerging and established artists from ArtMovement’s ever-expanding community. The new curatorial program seeks to create an inclusive space for all forms of artistic practice within Los Angeles.



in house artists

ArtMovement LA is comprised of many working artists cognizant of the value of the work we handle and install. We are equally as proud of the work we do as your personal art installation experts as we are of the work we create as artists.


Bryan Kirkwood, Founder/CEO


Erin Hennessay, Chief Financial Officer


Matt Weidmann, Chief Operations Officer


Ashton Allen, Chief Communications Officer


Alessandra Rosser, Operations Manager


Maria Maea, Project Manager


Benson Williams

Ian Patrick

Zach Friedline

Nolan Broyard

Adam DeBoer

Aram Stith

Adam Higgins

Mike Ball

Greg Snider

Haley Hopkins

Ian Cato

Kevin Lockmer

Starlight Romero

Nathan Guilick

Pablo Carillo

Abe Pedroza

Jamen Whitelock

Victoria Aravindhan