GALLERIES: MIER, Blum and Poe, M+B Gallery, Moran Bondaroff, Regen Projects, Roberts & Tilton, Honor Fraser, Cherry and Martin, ACE Gallery, David Kordansky, Patrick Painter, Richard Heller, Michael Kohn Gallery, Anat Egbi, Grice Bench & Gavlak.,Various Small Fires

MUSEUMS: Hammer Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

PRIVATE COLLECTORS: Greg Hodes, Merry Norris, Susan Gersh, Sam Schwartz, Danny First, Michael Chow, Keith Rivers, Rosanna Arquette, Bradley Bayou, Danelle Rago, Clements Design, Tom Peters, Rogue Sutherland, Nino Mier, Monique Lhuillier, Danny Comden, Courtney Cox, Mark Wahlberg, Darren Romanelli, Christa Miller, Alberto Chehebar, Sean Carter & Beyonce Knowles, Jason Statham, Nancy Heller, Keanu Reeves, Pierpaolo Barzan, Justin Timberlake, The Zero Trust, Karen Sachs, Brad Donenfield

COMPANIES:  Art Services Melrose, Street Virus, Andaz West Hollywood, Clements Design, Phyllis Morris, Antonia Hutt & Associates, Norm Wogan Design, Siglo Moderno, Alexys Schwartz ASA, Chateau Marmont, Blind Spot, Paddle 8, Annette English Designs, Artex, Kevin Barry Fine  Bel Air Investments, Amber Noland, Soho House West Hollywood, Soho House Malibu, John Wolf Advisory, Sharon Zoldan advisory, Karen Lovegrove Advisory, Victoria Birch Advisory,

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